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We help in obtaining subsidies for the installation of photovoltaic panels

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Individual photovoltaic installations

We provide comprehensive execution of photovoltaic installations for individual customers. Our solutions are ideally suited to single-family houses, outbuildings or small businesses. We help to prepare projects, get access to the installation of solar panels and we are involved in the assembly and commissioning of the system.

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Commercial solar installations

Our team specializes in solutions dedicated to small and large companies. We design photovoltaic Installations for industry, workplaces and municipal institutions. We provide professional implementation, assembly and service made by us systems. Our team of experts is at your disposal at every stage of the order.

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Other offer of our company

Our team consists of specialists from various fields, who carry out a series of activities for our corporate clients on a daily basis. We carry out orders including in the field of: management and supervision of international electro technical and mechanical projects, programming of Allen-Bradley ControlLogic industrial controllers and hire of qualified engineers for short- or long-term projects.

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Przemysłowe i uliczne oświetlenie LED

Oferujemy najwyższej jakości oprawy przemysłowe i oświetlenie uliczne, produkowane w oparciu o komponenty od sprawdzonych i zaufanych producentów z całego świata. Co ważne – wszystkie nasze produkty uwzględniają specyfikę naszego klimatu i wyróżnia je wysoka odporność na niekorzystne warunki atmosferyczne.

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The equipment we use

We use products of the highest quality, which we buy preferably directly from producers in large quantities to be able to offer you prices of installations that will pay off in a short time of use. Although the lifespan of our power plants goes back 30 years, but you have investment security of 10 years warranty and 10 years of depreciation. However, if you would like to install components of your choice, we are also able to provide them. The price can also be competitive because we have contacts with major dealers in Europe.

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