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We help in obtaining subsidies for the installation of photovoltaic panels

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When filling out the form below, remember that the information you provide is as detailed as possible. Thanks to this, our specialists will be able to prepare the most accurate offer and quote of the order. In order for us to contact you, you must provide a valid email address. Because the valuation of the design and implementation of solar installations depends on many factors, do not forget to provide information such as:

  • Installation location: on the house, outbuilding, hall, free-standing
  • Type of roofing: tile, sheet, shingle, other
  • The geographic direction of the place of installation
  • Expected final power, in kWp
  • The way of using electric energy - on-grid / off-grid installation
  • Expected mediation in obtaining subsidies
  • Expected dates of implementation
  • Is there a technical project?
  • The shortest required warranty period

As an attachment, it is necessary to send current photographs of the building, the roof and the generally planned place of installation. Precise valuation will also be facilitated by the provided information about the intended installation location of the inverter. If you choose the power of a PV installation, you will need data on the amount of annual electricity consumption. If you think that some information is important for us from the technical and financial point of view, please attach it in the content or as an attachment.

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